Living with your partner

It can be romantic if you want to live with your partner, depending if you have done this before it can be exciting and filled with hope and opportunity.  Your goal may be to get married after a few years, or you may be happy to both be single and simply cohabitating.


Let’s get the romance out the way and think about the implications of you living with your partner.  Here are a few things to consider when taking the leap of faith:

  • Do you know the person well enough to cohabitating with them?
  • Is there a balance regarding what you both earn?
  • Will you both be paying equal share 50/50 of the bills?
  • Whose name will be house / flat be in?

Prenuptial Agreement

The best advice we can give you would be to get a family lawyer to represent you and act in your best interest.  Then get a prenuptial agreement drawn up as you are cohabitating.  This document will give you some legal rights if you decide to split in the future.  Documents like this as best drawn up when you are in a good place mentally as when you are upset, things can get blown out of proportion.

Cohabitating Successfully

If you are cohabitating and want to get married, you will always have your prenuptial agreement to fall back on.  It is a good idea even for your credit rating to have some things in your name, this could be the phone line or internet service provider.  Ideally have a paper trail that can show you have been paying bills at the address.

There is a massive difference between cohabitating with your partner and a friend, the dynamics are totally different.  For one, you would have your own private room.

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