Divorce is nasty business

There is no getting away from the fact that divorcing someone is not nice.  You entered into an agreement with good faith and after a period of time it has totally broken down.  The decision has been made to get a divorce and now you have to salvage what remains of your confidence and assets and start over.

Doesn’t sound attractive, does it?  The thing to remember is that even though you are looking at divorce it is also a good time to start over.  Learn from mistakes made in the past and embrace the future.

When you are looking at divorce a few obvious things to consider are:

  • Securing the services of a top family lawyer
  • Try to come to some arrangement between yourselves to keep your legal costs down
  • If children are under the age of 16 they may be especially vulnerable
  • Give yourself enough time after divorce before embracing a new relationship

Divorce Solicitors

Your family lawyer cannot represent you both, seems obvious but even two lawyers in the same firm cannot represent a couple.  Both parties must have separate legal firms talking to negotiate the best deal for their client (you).  There is normally a separation stage before deciding to divorce, however, if you know that you are definitely 100% applying for divorce we recommend you get a minute of agreement drawn up separating yourselves and any assets.  This will include property and custody of any children, pets.

Divorce could be fairly quick if you have been apart for 2 years and there are no dependants, however, if there are children under the age of 16 then it can be complicated.  The primary carer will need to be assessed to ensure the child is being looked after and their best interests are considered.

This is why it is best to try and stay amicable.