Paternity Issues

Paternity Rights

When you separate from your partner / husband or wife it can be very stressful if you have children. It doesn’t matter what age they are, it is awful when you cant share the basic things with them like waking up in the same house on birthdays, Christmas, New Year etc. So many parents say it’s the small things they miss out on, this is why you need to sort out paternity rights.

When you live in a separate house, or are a blended family unit it can be the small things that you miss. When your child comes to stay they may have their own drama going on in the background and not interested in spending time with you, they may go up to their room and stay there when really you are looking for engagement of some sort.
Asking how their day, week, month has been may be met with a teenage grunt and you are instantly deflated as you wanted to have some fun with them. Paternity rights is great for organising how often you can see your kids, but it doesn’t give you any control over their temperament or mood swings.

Lawyer Representation

Know your paternity rights; you should research and have an open mind regarding your rights as a parent. Look into forums, talk to other parents who have been through a similar situation and get as much advice as you can from people who have done it. The thing about separating from your life partner is one minute they can be totally reasonable and then the next like a cartoon monster. Life can be stress-free to you feeling like you are on a rocket going into space with stress as a companion. This can all happen in minutes!

Your lawyer should draw up a document which outlines your paternity rights, visitation and how much you will be expected to pay based on your annual wage. Try to avoid going through the CSS as they take a cut of the money so neither you or your partner benefits.