If you are separating from your partner this can either be a huge relief or a massive upset in your life.  Regardless there are many things to sort out and work through.

For example:

  • Deal with family members
  • Where you live
  • Bills that you are accountable for
  • Emotional upset and how you deal with it

Separating is never going to be nice, you were together with someone for a reason.  Life has a strange way of throwing obstacles in your path when you least expect it.  The important thing is how you deal with it, if you are resilient or if you go on a downward spiral which is not what anyone wants.

If you have assets then we urge you to get legal advice ASAP, separating from someone has pros and cons but if you went into the relationship with assets then you need to protect yourself.  Normally people separating will get a minute of agreement drawn up so they can legally separate even if they cannot legally divorce.  This makes complete sense as otherwise one party could run up lots of debt and the other will be accountable for part of it.

The family lawyer will offer the best advice but pick your lawyer carefully, some lawyers only communicate the basic information and you feel frustrated as you don’t feel you are being informed about options, whereas they may be paying you the attention your level of cover affords.  If you pick a top notch lawyer, then you will no doubt get the best legal representation.  It is all about communication at this stage.

Make Contact

If you want a lawyer to represent you while you are separating, do research meet with one or two and if you get a good feeling about someone, engage them asap.  If you don’t there is a good chance your partner will secure their services.  Good legal representation hurts financially but its worth it, you will have your assets protected as much as possible.

We have put a link to a very good legal firm on the home page of this blog.